VIP Model Staffing

VIP Miami models are here to help your event run smoothly while enhancing guest experience. Our team of professional models have experience as event hostesses, promo models, bartenders, and cocktail waitresses.

Event Hostesses

Our team of hostesses are responsible for greeting guests, checking in, and guiding them in the right direction to make sure your event runs smoothly. Hostesses are trained to maintain professionalism while making event check-in enjoyable.

Promo Models

Promotional models are the best way to create brand awareness and engage your audience at events. Our staff has experience promoting for various alcohol brands and athletic wear companies which has proven to garner company support.

Bartenders & Waitresses

The bar and food items are often the focal point of any event, making it important to have a team of bartenders that are experienced, professional, and friendly. With VIP Miami servers, your guests will feel cared for while having a fantastic time.

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